Godot Marketplace has launched

It took a while but we are proud to finally announce the launch of the new Godot Marketplace.
What did move us to plan, organize, realize and constantly work on such a project? Well, we develop 3d real-time configurators for a living, having our origin back in the game industry. We are very acquainted with the most common commercial real-time engines and couldn’t have finished lower budgeted projects without the possibility to download or purchase required content from the respective stores and marketplaces.

A longer time ago, when Godot set his focus more & more on 3d rendering, it got our full attention and we follow the development since the beginning of version 3 and eagerly await the upcoming version 4. We strongly believe in the success of the Godot-engine and Godot to become a serious competitor against the commercial engines.

We already worked and experimented a lot with Godot and encountered the same problems, we had in early projects, to improve the efficiency and speed of the development by using ready-to-use content. There are available platforms to predominantly buy 3d content but it still takes a lot of time to convert and even optimize the content for the engine. Finding proper tools and scripts for the required purpose can be even a bigger challenge.

There are many developers out there, who don’t need foreign content but produce it to generate their monthly income and it’s reasonable that hobby developers don’t spend time into free development. Without having a commercial environment, other great tools and assets could be just missing for Godot.
Providing a platform for commercial and hobby developers, will give us all a great environment to develop in.

We are happy you found your way to Godot and are looking forward to push Godot to the one serious competitor against Unity and Unreal together. Let us show, how powerful the open source tools and community can be.

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the invitation to the market place. I’ve registered as a publisher but did not find many information about the procedures and some details.
    I have some questions:
    1- Do I upload the assets to the Godot site, or use an external cloud service?
    2- How do we get paid? (revenue) PayPal? I live in Brazil.
    3- Is there a minimum amount to be paid to the publisher?

  2. Hey There!
    There is an issue in your website which prevents vendors from adding their map location. When editing their settings to change their map location (to get 15% account completion), there is an error in the javascript. A bigger description can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/godot/comments/gjkbtc/godot_marketplace_google_maps_not_working/.
    I have found a solution and I would hope for your dev team to implement it. Upon looking further into the Javascript errors I found that their website does not have Maps for Javascript ( https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/library/maps-backend.googleapis.com?filter=category:maps&id=fd73ab50-9916-4cde-a0f6-dc8be0a0d425 ) enabled, and therefore this error is being thrown. Please fix this or vendors will not be able to create finalized accounts in the marketplace.

  3. You guys really need to add a way to contact you. I’ve been having issues with publishing products on here for a couple months now, and none of the emails have received a response. I can’t find any other methods to contact you on this site (and since it is not affiliated with the Godot engine, I can’t contact their team either).

  4. Good morning, I am having problems creating an account. I don’t receive the confirmation email. I tried three times. The account is ladymitoart@gmail.com Could you please solve this problem?

    • Good morning,

      I apologize for the inconvenience you’ve experienced. We have looked into the issue and it has been resolved. Your account with the email ladymitoart@gmail.com has been created. You can now log in and post products normally.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

      Best regards,
      Support Team

  5. Hello
    I’m a seller. I’ve made a revenue of 173$.I requested a withdrawal of the reveue to my paypal address. It says that the withdrawing is being reviewed and I’ve been waiting for a month now. Can you pay me my revenue or do sellers not get their revenue paid on this site?

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