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General Information

You can contact us by submitting a bug using this contact form.

You can send us your feedback by using this contact form.

Usage Rights

You’re granting VisCircle a non-exclusive right to distribute your product via the Marketplace and use it in our marketing. You retain the ownership of your work, and you’re free to redistribute it through other channels, including other online stores, or directly to customers. You may hide your published product from view and further sales but we reserve the right to allow customers who have already purchased it to continue downloading its files, unless it needs to be removed due to an intellectual property dispute.

  • All assets may be used and distributed in any projects.
  • Free assets require a mention of the proper CC license in the product description.
  • Purchased Items or any part of it must not be resold.

Yes, all purchased assets are allowed to  be modified but must not be resold.

Any purchased asset can be used in any other game engine. These assets must not be resold in the Godot-Marketplace after alteration unless the modified asset is based on a CC license.

  • Marketplace assets may be shared within a team and project that is being jointly developed.
  • Assets must not be pooled or shared between developers outside of the organization.
  • Team members are not allowed to use purchased assets outside of the organization for private projects.


Please check out the submission guidelines right here.

ou must zip your files, no matter the content. The buyer either extracts the files according to your description or puts them manually where he needs them.

No, you don’t need extra software to put your assets online.

In your shop dashboard go to Products and hit the Add new Product button. Fill out all the required information. In the section Downloadable Options you can press the green Add File button. A row appears where you click on Choose File and upload your file. When uploaded ensure your file is selected and click the button Insert File URL in the bottom right corner.

Yes, the upload is limited to 2GB per file.

Yes. When prompted to add your files you can simply drag and drop them into the upload window.


You can publish the product in your product page. Scroll down to the Product Status and set the default setting from Draft to Online.

  • After you submitted your project, it’s pending and awaiting approval by our team. Depending on the amount of approvals this can take a few hours up to 3 days.
  • As long as your asset is not approved yet you can still make changes.

Yes. You can permanently delete your product from the Marketplace. Consider that the actual asset still remains in your media library and needs to be deleted, too.

Yes. In the product settings you can change the product status from Online back to Draft.


Publishers are expected to ensure their assets function as advertised, as well as assist customers who report issues using their assets to the best of their ability. For a professional appearance as a publisher it is important to be approachable, responsive, and respectful toward others. Keep supporting your products and the people that use them.

If you are unable to help a customer with their situation at any point or need to deescalate a particular complaint, please contact us here.

While we do encourage you to keep your products’ engine compatibility up-to-date for the ease and convenience of your customers, we only require that products are compatible with the latest major engine version upon initial submission and approval. If you’re no longer updating one of your products for any reason, please be sure to clarify this on your product page. It’s ultimately up to you to ensure that you are providing support for your product to function as it is described.

If your pre-existing product files can be opened in the newest engine version with no issues, you only need to add that engine version to the latest Project Version’s Supported Engine Versions and save the product. If your product needs a new Project Version with a different set of files to support the newest engine version, you’ll need to submit a File Update. Both case need to be approved by us then.

In your product menu upload a new zip file and replace the existing link with a new one. When you save the product an approval is required.


We can either transfer the money via Paypal or wire transfer.

You can request a withdrawal after you reached the minimum of 150$.

Go to your dashboard and click on Settings in the left menu. In the next menu you’ll find the option Payment. In there you can enter your bank details.

Go to your dashboard and click on the option Withdraw in the left menu.

While we do our best to prevent fraud as much as possible, fraudulent purchases happen from time to time as they do on any online store. When a fraudulent purchase of your product is identified, the purchase is immediately refunded and you’ll be notified within 2-4 business days.

Features & Sales

You can put every single product on a sale for a limited yourself. Go to the dashboard and your products. Here you can set a discounted price and schedule the period of time.

Yes. You can check out the requirements right in this blog post.


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