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Even though we are a commercial company, we support the open source community. For a long period of time we’ve been using commercial tools in our development like 3ds Max, Maya, Photoshop, Unity and so on. Due to a slow reaction on fixing bugs and problems as well as stricter regulations on terms, licences and policies, we decided to go with open source software wherever possible like Gimp, Blender and Godot.
Also we appreciate and support the awesome work of the people of Patreon, who share their work for free and help to make the project development a lot easier.

With your help, we want to support the development of the Godot-engine and donate a part of the revenue of the Marketplace directly to the Godot developers. Publishers keep 70% of their revenue. 10% of the remaining revenue is about to be donated. Applying the 70/30 distribution there is no disadvantage for you as a publisher or buyer against other stores

The remaining revenue for us will be used to further develop the Godot-Marketplace and even content like more high quality example scenes in order to emphasize the power of the Godo-Engine.

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