Submission Guidelines

By submitting Content to the Godot Marketplace you agree to follow these terms and conditions. Providers are shaping the user experience together with VisCircle and therefore need to follow these rules to give users the best possible experience and assure the quality in and of the Godot Marketplace itself.


Your content may not direct Customers to other stores or platforms similar or in direct competition to the Godot Marketplace unless expressly permitted by VisCircle.

You may publish your content elsewhere with one restriction. Your content in this form or similar form may not be sold elsewhere for a lower price or for free. Customers of the Godot Marketplace should always have the best possible user experience. They should not be put in a position where they have to worry about the quality of a deal. This ultimately should also be in the interest of the Providers on the Godot Marketplace.


You may not publish content that:

  • you are not authorized release
  • that violates copyright, trademarks, patents
  • violates applicable laws or regulations
  • does not follow licensing terms of third-party content, included within your product
  • includes or is a commercial online service and/or requires the Customer register a separate account and/or pay separately or in addition to the original product
  • circumvents the payment system
  • in any way intends to harm the Godot Marketplace, the Customers or other Providers
  • is not fully unlocked or forces any sort of restriction on the Customer
  • is inappropriate either by being hateful or harmful towards groups or individuals for any kind or reason
  • is features overly sexual or violent/gory content
  • is misleading in any way by implying or being deliberately unclear about being an “official” or branded product, when it is not
  • cannot be connected to you as Provider because your account is incomplete or your information is outdated

The above applies to the full extent of your content, including all material from the product page and the promotional images in the Godot Marketplace, linking to your product.


The Godot Marketplace may offer special deals at any time. You agree to take part in any special offer without having to sign up for each sale or special offer.

Special offers run for a limited period of time. You content may never be offered for free if it has not been free before anyway. The maximum discount that can be offered is 75%. VisCircle may select or exclude products from special offers at its own discretion.


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