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General Information:

You can contact us by submitting a bug using this contact form.

You can send us your feedback by using this contact form.

Customer Billing

If you have trouble downloading a purchased asset, the asset is not gone. Please check your internet connection first and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us here.

We currently only accept Paypal. Other payment methods will come.

For any transaction you will receive a receipt via email.

Usage Rights

You’re granting VisCircle a non-exclusive right to distribute your product via the Marketplace and use it in our marketing. You retain the ownership of your work, and you’re free to redistribute it through other channels, including other online stores, or directly to customers. You may hide your published product from view and further sales but we reserve the right to allow customers who have already purchased it to continue downloading its files, unless it needs to be removed due to an intellectual property dispute.

  • You may use the assets in all of your own projects.
  • All free assets that are published under a CC license are completely free to use and are even allowed to be redistributed according to the applied license. See this link for the proper CC licenses.
  • You must not resell a purchased item or any part of it!

Yes, all purchased assets can be modified but must not be resold.

Any asset that has not been created by VisCircle can be used in any other game engine. These assets must not be resold in the Godot-Marketplace after alteration unless the modified asset is based on a CC license.

  • You may share the Marketplace assets within your team and project that you are jointly developing.
  • Assets must not be pooled or shared between developers outside of your organization.
  • Team members are not allowed to use purchased assets outside of the organization for private projects.


We immediately examine the issue to determine if it’s something we or the publisher can fix, as soon as we receive a refund request. If we find the product having a technical issue or the screenshots or video are misleading, we’ll gather all the information we can and contact the publisher directly.
If the publisher is unable to respond or address the issue within 3 business days, we’ll grant the refund, and request that the publisher update their product with the feedback we receive.

Yes, publishers can override our decision to not refund an asset. Generally, we recommend to contact the publisher first, if you encountered a problem with an asset and try to resolve the issue. The publisher must agree to the refund and contact us in written form in order to allow us to grant the refund along with a filled out refund request by you.


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