Godot4 – Demo GodoDude FPS Template Demo Version alpha1

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GODODUDE FPS Template – early alpha DEMO

Purpose of this demo:
This demo shows the Godot Game Engine 4 alpha.3 and our Template “GodoDude FPS” in action.
The engine and the template are both in early alpha.


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How to play (german keyboard):


Forwards : “w”
Sideway left : “a”
Sideway right : “d”
Backwards : “s”


jump : “space”
crouch : “left alt”
sprint : “left shift”
switch to sneak mode : “x”


lean left : “q”
lean right : “e”

next weapon : “mousewheel up”
last weapon : “mousewheel down”

flashligth on/off : “L”

climb steep slopes : “hold right mouse button”
hang on the wall : “right mouse button”
powerslide : hold down “alt” when sprinting “shift”
double jump : press jump a second time – only works if the player doesn’t fall to fast already

wallrun : jump against a wall.
You have to jump before you hit the wall.
Best way to wallrun is to sprint and jump against the wall with a low angle.

use (switch) : “f”
restart : “p”

switch Reflectionprobe
between indoor/outdoor : “u”

exit the demo : “esc” or “F8”

Objects to interact with:
– Doors : auto open and close
– Elevator type 1 : auto elevates when player is on the platform
– Elevator type 2 : has a switch to activate the elevator -> get close to the switch and press “use” = key “f”
– Light switch : get close to the switch and press “use” = key “f”
– ladders : to use the ladder, just have contact with it.
– jump pads : just needs contact with you to catapult you up in the air
– energy loader : get close to the energy loader and press the key “f”

Known bugs / issues:
– When starting the demo, the demo sometimes doesn’t start, or shuts down after a short time.
– This demo doesn’t have a loading manager yet -> when starting the demo the fps are very low at the beginning.
– Sometimes the frames per second are very low.
When this happens, close the demo and start it again.
– The FPS should be minimum 40, testet on an Intel Nuc Canyon with onboard graphic chip.

Ingame bugs / issues:
– The script for the Rigid Body impulse is still very buggy.
– the animation system in Godot4 alpha.3 is broken. So i decided to code only a basic animation system.
As result, in some situations the animations look buggy.
– Collision bugs -> in some areas i haven’t placed a collisionshape yet
– Collision bug -> some plane shapes have a bad collision shape setupt -> player get’s stuck
– Elevator -> when standing on the elevator platform when elevating downwards, the player jumps
when elevating upwards: the evelator / player twitches.

Please give me feedback on my
itch.io: https://wuotanstudios.itch.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WuotanStudios

Copyright @WuotanStudios, 2022
Extracting files, using files, sound, music,
textures, materials, models, animations are not allowed.
This demo is free to play.

Specification: Godot4 – Demo GodoDude FPS Template


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